Tev Nicolas

Sound Artist / Composer / Performer / Improviser



" Sweet like the apples dear. I feel like a great wind inside of an old oak. Finally, I can hear and hear well. Let's put it on. This cold breeze won't lift me on its own. Peaches, tea please? Will you teach me about Nosemilk..." — Marma Widensky, FBI 

This record is about the war on drugs. The one that the United States is fighting in. They are losing, and they're losing friends along the way. I've lost some friends before. This record is also about the indoors. This record is about the interpersonal eternal called Love. This record could teach you how to breathe under water if you really wanted to learn how to do that.

I turned on my many microphones to make these sounds last forever. Please enjoy this... love letter. Address me at 25908 Tournament Rd. Apt 271 Valencia, CA and write me back. %^6

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