65 Lonely Stars


1. Worthwhile

2. Stomp Thy Foot Twice, You Poor Poor Ethernet Cord You

3. Lineworker

4. Falling Down

5. Neapolitan Sunset

6. Do I Belong

7. The Ballad of Paper Jack

"Tev Nicolas' first experimentation with the Long Playing

format... And his first attempt at recording a project completely in the rock idiom. The influence of minor key pop and drone music creeps into the simplistic song structures on which this album stands. Often times shaky live vocals stand alongside sonic explorations and expressive productions to create an uneven work of recordings, with lyrical content ranging from the removed personal to the far removed character—this concept often aims to shout instead of whisper in your ear. Standout tracks "Worthwhile" and "Do I Belong" embody the emotional appeal this album seems bent on making while simultaneously providing the subtlety that many of the tracks seem to leave behind. Listen to this one with a lemon in one hand and a hat on your head."

— Valice Eastman, BMTE

These songs were written mostly in early 2018 after a tumultuous move from Santa Cruz to Santa Clarita, CA. At this time I was often trying to speak through a character called Paper Jack to dig through more personal themes and experiences in my life. It also was easier to yell and scream and sing while being filtered through this character. I rehearsed and performed these songs again and again around the Santa Clarita and Los Angeles area with a band that become known as Plastic Otters. Principal recording and backing tracks were completed in a sweltering 100º+ garage in the dead of summer '18. Overdubs and mixing were done in a much cooler Calarts dorm room throughout the rest of the year until the album's completion in April 2019.

65 Lonely Stars was initially released without the 's' in title in May 2019. Since then, it's been reworked, remixed, remastered, retitled, with it finally being re-released in September 2020.