Red_Tan Album Cover.png

Spectacle! - EP


1. Are You Afraid to Die?

2. Laughing Tune

3. Jack's Theme

4. Neoprene Suit Knife Fight

" A scrambled assembly of sounds... Colorful in one place and threatening in the next, this extended-play plays like scenes from a storybook. Where "Are You Afraid to Die?" yearns for you to ask the eternal question, the following tracks appear ready to provide the soundtrack to scenes where you might find the answer... The weight of this hyper-aware existential inquiry is eased up only in "Laughing Tune" and from then on it's down the sink. Oh, and there's a satisfying orchestral conclusion of course. Spectacle! seems to work best on headphones between 2:00-3:00AM  where the mind is left open to wander and closed eyes leave room for cookies and milk." — Lola Seizman, YME

Recorded in various locations in Nothern and Southern California in Fall of 2017 (besides "Neoprene" which was recorded in mid 2018).  I was learning to translate my instincts for visual art into sound as I was relatively new to making music around the time of initial recording. Further mixing, reworking, and overdubs were added after I decided to revisit the project in 2020. "Laughing Tune" was one of my first experiments with sound ever. "Jack's Theme" was a revelation at the time, and I was sure it pointed to where I wanted to go next.