KCIA Presents: Live Christmas (Songs from Nosemilk)

Directed, Edited, Visuals by Tev Nicolas
Camera, Lighting by Nic Addante
Performed by Siena Rose F-S & Tev Nicolas



Do I Belong

2020 • A Music Video for the song "Do I Belong"

Dir by Tev Nicolas
Shot by Nic Addante
Additional Camera, SIena Rose F-S
Additional Lead Op, Jedd Caballero

Score by Tev Nicolas

4 min


The Darling Program

2020 • A Multimedia Live Concert Theatrical Show.

Dir by Tev Nicolas & Siena Foster-Soltis
Score by Tev Nicolas / Plastic Otters

Full Credits 0:00-1:00

47 min


Jesus Pancakes / Bug

2020 • Jesus Pancakes: Opening and closing your eyes early in the morning;

Thumbing your eyeball out of boredom in search of color.
Bug: Asks an important question.

Dir, Sounds and Visuals by Tev Nicolas

2 min

Falling Down

2019 • A Music Video for the song "Falling Down"

off the LP 65 Lonely Star.

Dir. by Tev Nicolas
Score by Tev Nicolas / Plastic Otters

Like Light I'm Always Moving

2017 • Video Journal of June 2017. Reflections summed up in a collage.

Dir / Scored by Tev Nicolas